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Wild Adventures Await: Experience Education like Never Before at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary!

Are you ready to make your next incursion, excursion, or wildlife experience the best one yet? Look no further than the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary! Our sanctuary is a haven for all ages, schools, homeschool groups, and vacation care outings. When you visit us, you'll be in the capable hands of our experienced Rangers, who are certified wildlife keepers with a passion for lifelong learning.


At the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary, we're committed to delivering educational experiences that leave a lasting impact. Our WILD Ed Experiences are carefully crafted to align with specific learning outcomes, covering a wide range of topics such as species identification, population statuses, threats to wildlife, and ecosystem roles.

But learning isn't confined to the classroom at our sanctuary. We believe there's no better way to learn about nature than by being in nature itself. That's why our WILD Ed programs immerse participants in the natural environment, allowing them to apply practical knowledge in real-life settings. Whether you're exploring indoors or outdoors, our purpose-built facilities provide the perfect backdrop for engaging and interactive learning experiences.


At the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary, we believe that appreciation and protection of wildlife grow when people become connected with nature. That's why we pride ourselves on offering hands-on and interactive experiences for all our participants. Whether it's feeding kangaroos, touching reptiles, or meeting a koala, our WILD Ed experiences allow everyone to connect with wildlife in a meaningful way.


But don't just take our word for it. Hear what others have to say about their experiences at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary:


"We had a great day at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary today, thanks to all involved." - Aspire OSHC St Paul’s Catholic School


"We took our vacation care group to the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary today and it was hands down everyone’s favourite outing these holidays. What an AMAZING hands-on experience for the children (and the adults)." - Kelsey Bourrelly OSHC


"The Australian Wildlife Sanctuary was hands down an amazing excursion." - Annandale North Vacation Care


"Amazing experience, we enjoyed it so much." - Raquel Sheree


"Great day. We loved our individualized animal adventure." - Kylie Brgudac

Join us at the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary for an unforgettable educational journey. Book your experience today and discover the wonders of the natural world with us!

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